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London Here I Come!

See Jeremy Jordan's Broadway Here I Come from SMASH as a reference

Here I am, after all these months! In the West End!

I've just started uni at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and its safe to say I've found my people. Everyone is as passionate about theatre and creating new things as I am and I am so excited to see all of the things that we create as a team.

It's intense for sure, but I am so ready for it. I am ready to be busy and for every waking hour of my day to be occupied by theatre again.

We've spent the past couple of days learning about occupational health and safety and learning about electrics and wiring. To almost anyone else this would be incredibly boring, but I was so excited to learn and the fact that listening and learning about all these subjects will only make me a better practitioner, makes me even more excited to see what else I will learn this year.

Someone the other day asked me where I see myself in five years, and honestly it's here. I want to be making theatre and working with incredibly talented people. I can see myself working on theatre shows for literally the rest of my life. Writing and sharing stories is genuinely what I want to do.

And London is such an exciting and nurturing place for that. It has all of the bells and whistles that New York and Broadway have, without all the nonsense. And sure, I could live in NY and work on Broadway, but I reckon this city has captured not only my mind, but also my heart. I love it here.

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