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The Guildhall School of Music & Drama

I am currently undertaking my masters at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. 

We are a team of six, bringing our own expertise, experience and passion from all over the world. Due to the small nature of our team, we are required to take on many roles, some that are unfamiliar to us, others that feel like second nature. The course so far has pushed me creatively, expanded my knowledge and fuelled my passion for theatre and design and I am so excited to see what more we create as a team!

Our first project together saw us write, design and realise a 25min theatrical play called Remnant. On this project, I made my debut as a co-scriptwriter and director and had the opportunity to design and write music. Check Remnant out below!

For our second project we worked in collaboration with Little Angel Theatre. Together we created a puppet show and workshop for kids all over the world. Our online tour included visiting communities and schools in the UK, Mexico and Italy. I worked closely with the design team as the composer and sound designer for the project and then worked as a part of the film editing and technical team. I also led some of the workshops with schools and communities. Check out I AM | WE ARE below!

Our most recent project, saw us transforming a traditional end-on theatre into an immersive four - dimensional experience. For the project I wrote and designed and mapped music / sound for six very different iterations in surround sound. The genres of music varied from techno to classic film scoring and I am incredibly proud of each piece. I also had the chance to learn more about lighting and automation, which enriched the ultimate creative vision and has expanded my knowledge of what is possible in theatre. 

This term I also had the absolute pleasure of working as MD / Conductor on a new Opera work within Guildhall. Rotten Kid is a new opera with music composed by Erchao Gu and the libretto written by Clare Best. I worked with some incredibly talented creatives, singers and musicians and made my UK conducting debut. The score itself was challenging and pushed me to better myself and my skills, which I am incredibly grateful for! I am so impressed by the talent and standard of work of the creative team and company and I am looking forward to being involved in similar projects in the future!

Our fourth and final project saw us divided up into pairs. Together, Manuela Pecorari and I devised and workshopped a piece from the stimulus Bauhaus. Check out our work together below!

Guildhall MA CTPD: Welcome


Guildhall MA CTPD: Compositions


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