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Over the past five years, I have worked on numerous productions with some really talented people that have helped me realise my passion for Musical Theatre and writing. I have collaborated with many of them on my own work and I am always looking to expand and add to my experience. It only makes me a better writer and artist!



Helmut's Helmet.png




Sound Designer

During 2019 I was fortunate enough to work as Sound Designer on a production of Legally Blonde. I was lucky enough to be working alongside a really talented team of set and lighting designers. The production was a new challenge for me as we were working within the confines of a black box theatre! Its two week season was a roaring success and saw all shows sold out!

Sound Designer

I was offered the chance to work with Finbar Todd on his new work Helmut's Helmet, which premiered in September 2019. My work on the project won Best Sound Design in a Theatre Work at the UHT Theatre Awards and featured sourced samples from my trips to India. 

Sound Designer

I had the absolute pleasure of working on this small new musical this year. A part of Melbourne International Fringe, I worked closely with the two writers to help them achieve their dream. It was a super exciting thing to be a part of and a new challenge to work in a space I wasn't familiar with under very strict time restraints.








I had the pleasure of mentoring the sound and lighting designer for The Producers which, was a real treat and really solidified my skills. I worked closely with the lighting designer to create quick but exciting lighting changes and I worked with the sound designer on troubleshooting and working on the best balance and sound quality.

Musical Director

Music Directing HSM was a great opportunity for me to refine my skills and learn more about working with a cast and band. I was working with a much bigger cast which, challenged me in different ways.

Musical Director

Grease was a sell-out season in Melbourne University's Union House Theatre. It was the firsts show I ever MD'd. I was privileged enough to be working with an incredibly talented cast and band as well as an inspirational production team that are the reason I decided to pursue a career in Musical Theatre.



TRW 2017.jpg




Sound Designer

Working as Sound Designer and Operator on a production of Into The Woods by Steven Sondheim was a huge challenge and learning curve. I was working with a hugely complex score played by a full orchestra (18 piece) and a cast of 22. This was a great chance for me to explore and learn more about the operation of sound in a production of this scale.

Artistic Director

I worked with an incredibly passionate team on producing this beautiful play. The play itself presented logistical challenges that took a great amount of time to solve but resulted in my team creating an intricate set that allowed seamless transitions between scenes.

Assistant Musical Director

My first taste of being on a production team, my experience working as AMD on Cabaret was an incredibly formative one. It allowed me to realise my passion for theatre while learning from the experience and passion of those who were more experienced around me.

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